12/1/15 Project Strengh

12/1/15 Project Strength


2 Snatches from the High Hang (mid thigh) 

*Begin between 50-60% of max Snatch, and work to a max double for the day. 


A) 5X5 UB Weighted Strict Pullups – heaviest possible (push weight from last week), rest 2:00 

B) 5X3 BTN Push Jerks + 2 OHS – work to a max for the complex, rest 2:00 


12:00 AMRAP (adding 2 reps each round) of: 

2 OHS 115/75#

2 C2B Pullups

4 OHS 115/75#

4 C2B Pullups

6 OHS 115/75#

6 C2B Pullups


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